Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Shipping Code for my new Etsy Shop

In celebration of my new Etsy Shop August AVE I'm offering a free shipping coupon code!

August AVE is about creating convenient and beautiful items for you and your home that are different. Take for instance our handy pot holders; they are magnetized and stick right to your refrigerator or stove. No more digging around in a drawer when that oven timer goes off or something is boiling over on the stove. Your hot pad is conveniently located right at your finger tips! 

Magnetic tabs are also sewn into the towels. So your towel never falls off the stove handle or even hangs crooked. 

Take a moment to look around. You'll find not only are our items functional and well constructed, but also just so darn cute! Thanks for taking a moment to check them out

The free shipping code is  freeshipblog and it's good for free domestic shipping!
Thanks from Tiffany and August AVE.


  1. Your pot holders and towels are absolutely beautiful! You are very creative and talented! I want to do more sewing projects this year. I have so much fabric, I need to just get it out and play with it! :)

  2. Your so kind, thank you! Yes, get out that fabric and just have fun. I recently found you blog and have been enjoying it. Thanks for visiting mine.


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