Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paper doll fun!

I'm absolutely obsessed with paper dolls. I remember playing with them more than anything else as a kid. I'm trying to pass on the love to my daughter and even got the hubs involved this weekend. 

I purchased this PDF package from It's easy! Print them out, color, cut, and put together with mini brads. It was a wonderful spring break project considering it poured cats and dogs most of spring break.  It kept my daughter and me busy for 2 days! No kidding.

We got right to playing paper dolls the next morning without even taking time to fix our hair.

Tiny hands may need help with the brads. It took us about 15 minutes per doll to cut out and assemble with the brads. This printable set can be purchased for $6.00 at  the Gingermelon shop on etsy.

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