Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wardrobe basics and must haves!

Hey girls, 
I made this list for myself and thought I should share it with my best girlfriends. So here you go. Some of you are born organizers and don't even need this. Some of you are like me and could have used this long ago. Hope it's helpful.

Wardrobe basics and must haves! Never say you have nothing to wear again. 

Check off the items below, if you find them in your closet. Everything must be your current size and look good on. Don’t check it off, if you find it but it's something you hate. If you happen to find items that don’t fit or that you shouldn't  ever wear again throw them out. Don't get sidetracked and start planning a garage sale. If you find something that needs to be dry cleaned, have it dry cleaned! Don't keep things that are attached to memories, unless it's a wedding dress.  Don’t buy anything the next time you’re shopping until you have these items first. And most important don’t clutter up your closet with non essentials!

Here is my list of must haves, make your personal adjustments where necessary

Dress clothes-
Black or neutral colored suit
Black pant
Black blazer
3 black knee length skirts various styles
White button up shirt and at least 5 patterned or solid dressy shirts
Little black dress or neutral colored solid basic dress, several other patterned dresses
2’ plain black heel
(mix and match the shirts with the suit, skirts, and pants for numerous combinations)

Casual clothes-
2 pair of great fitting jeans (throw on a t-shirt and the dressy black blazer for dinner out)
Khaki pants (great for parties, work, running to the store)
5 cotton stretch t-shirts- 1 black, 1 white, and three bright flattering colors
5 casual shirts including one striped t-shirt

Comfortable Tennis shoes for casual shopping and errand day (not work out tennis shoes)

Stylish Flats in black or metallic
The Right Undergarments 2 or 3 bras and 10 pairs of panties 
(or as many panties and you need to hold you over till laundry day)
Pajamas that people can see you in and won't gross out your husband. 
Accessories- Neutral color large tote bag, bright colored handbag, and a neutral clutch wearable across shoulder (great for hands free shopping) An assortment of earrings, bracelets, & necklaces (not too many or you won't be able to find the ones you really like) Belts- wide and thin. And most important a great service and meeting bag.

Winter items- Classic all weather trench coat, dressy neutral colored wool coat, casual coat, 3 fashionable sweaters to wear with jeans, skirts, or slacks. 2 pair of boots in neutral colors. White and black cardigan sweaters.
Summer items- 1 great swim suit and cover-up, several neutral cropped pants or shorts if you have the legs for them (I don't), flip flops, and sandals.

Have fun shopping in your own closet. Print this out, circle the items you need or buy or replace with current sizes and styles, toss it in your bag to refer to next time your out shopping. It will keep you on track for one great closet of clothes. 

And don't forget to pamper yourself today- get a great haircut, paint your toes nails, or just take a bubble bath. You deserve 15 minutes of me time. 

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